June 17th, 2014
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April 24th, 2014
While many editors claim to want more pitches and applications from a more diverse group of journalists, it’s hard to take them seriously when they don’t make such information easy to find and share. If you’re an editor who has complained (or even noticed) a paucity of pitches from women and people of color, ask yourself: Do we make clear how to pitch us? To outsiders, not just those who’ve already met us? Is that information public and shareable? Because when it comes to finding the best journalists with the most diverse set of ideas, a public posting is a lot more useful than a private query.
July 30th, 2013
[I]f you’re the editor of a traditional editorial or op-ed page, you want the digital space to light up with every opinion you publish. More specifically, you want the conversation about the merits of the idea to light up. But often, the conversation is instead about the validity of the voice. More transparency and more information would shift that conversation from the speaker to the idea.
November 3rd, 2011
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October 10th, 2011
What if readers were able to help newsdesks work out which stories were worth investing precious reporting resources in? What if all those experts who delight in telling us what’s wrong with our stories after they’ve been published could be enlisted into giving us more clues beforehand? What if the process of working out what to investigate actually becomes part of the news itself?

Dan Roberts, National News Editor, The Guardian. The Guardian is opening up its newslists so you can help us make news.

The Guardian is opening itself up this week. Via a blog it’s showing the public — and its competitors — exactly what they’re working on and what they plan to publish.

They’re doing so via their Inside the Guardian blog with the idea that if they’re transparent about the stories coming down the pike, readers will engage by feeding them tips and ideas they might not otherwise have known about.

According to Roberts, the experiment will last this week. If successful, they’ll continue. If not they’ll shut it down. We’re interested to see what happens.

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