August 13th, 2014

WIRED’s James Bamford spent three days with Edward Snowden, the most time any journalist has spent with Snowden since he arrived in Russia in June 2013.

Read Bamford’s full account of his time with the whistleblower in The Most Wanted Man in the World | WIRED

June 25th, 2014
The Supreme Court struck a major blow in favor of digital privacy Wednesday by ruled that police generally need a warrant before searching the cell phone or personal electronic device of a person arrested.

Writing for a nearly unanimous court Wednesday, Chief Justice John Roberts said searches of digital devices for information are not comparable to searches law enforcement officers often conduct for contraband after making an arrest.
May 13th, 2014
February 25th, 2014
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January 30th, 2014


Why Silicon Valley’s NSA deal helps them, but not you
Ever since leaked NSA documents first started popping up this summer, the battle against NSA surveillance has proceeded on multiple fronts: legislators pushing for new laws, journalists pushing for new stories, and tech companies fighting to regain users’ trust. Yesterday, one of the major fronts closed down. Since July, tech companies had been putting pressure on the Department of Justice, fighting for the right to say more about their interactions with law enforcement. Yesterday they made peace, reaching a settlement and withdrawing a class action suit that had drawn in some of the most powerful companies in America. On this front at least, reformers have likely gotten all they’re going to get.

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December 30th, 2013
There are a lot more stories to come, a lot more documents that will be covered. It’s important that we understand what it is we’re publishing, so what we say about them is accurate.
December 17th, 2013
December 9th, 2013
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