January 15th, 2013
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September 15th, 2011

 Vizualize.me Creates an Infographic Resume for You in One Click

"For a resume that’s more visually appealing than most, head on over to Vizualize.me. The webapp creates an infographic automatically by connecting to your LinkedIn account.

Currently in closed beta, you’ll need to submit your email to get an invite code. Once in, you can choose from a number of infographic themes as well as specific colors, fonts, and background to customize your graphic resume. Each section—work experience, summary, skills, etc.—pulled from LinkedIn can be tweaked in Vizualize.me before sharing via email and your social network of choice. (Not using LinkedIn yet? Besides this infographic resume, the service can greatly boost your career opportunities.)”

Via LifeHacker

September 6th, 2011

News Apps Blog: Show Your Work

 Christopher Groskopf pulls together a list of all of the open source code his team at the Chicago Tribune has published since he’s been there. 

"We have released a mountain of open source code. As today is my last day with on News Applications team, I’d like to take a moment to summarize what we’ve made and why it matters. We’ve released, or substantially contributed to, 20 projects on Github:

 Christopher Groskopf  is leaving to join the new PANDA project and notes that his “incredible and wonderful and awesomejob at the Tribune is still open. 

Read more on the News Apps blog.

August 30th, 2011

Tweeting a job application

From Advancing the Story

"You already know that prospective employers are looking for journalists with social media skills. The Statesman-Journal in Salem, Oregon, certainly is. Executive Editor Bill Church recently advertised an opening for a “talented reporter with high digital IQ.

” If you’re talented, aggressive, responsible, innovative, socially adept, digitally awesome and perpetually energized, you’ll fit in just fine at the Statesman Journal….Submit a 200-word cover letter, 3-4 clips showing range of work, and a resume…Or impress us with your digital coolness by Tweeting your online resume link to @BillChurchMedia.”

A quick look at Church’s Twitter feed shows he’s had plenty of responses. Most of the time, he simply @replies with thanks. But not always.

Guenther’s online résumé is worth a look. What sets it apart from several others who tweeted links to Church? First off, he’s gone to the trouble of getting his own URL, which indicates a certain level of familiarity with the Web. Second, it’s clearly a résumé and not a blog. Everything you need to know about the job candidate is on one page, with embedded multimedia clips and links. There’s also a handy quick link at the top to download a PDF of the résumé for off-line reading. To create the page, Guenther used a free, do-it-yourself résumé template .

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