May 23rd, 2014

Free tools that make your online content sing

Looking for ways to make your content more visual? MJ Bear Fellow Armie Garde recommends three tools that add design and interactivity.

April 25th, 2014
What I mean to say is that data comes from people. It’s a mark that someone has left behind, or a mark that someone has put their hands on to collect. And in our excitement to harden that data into visualizations we often forget that behind those numbers are human beings.
April 22nd, 2014


How to Communicate Visually 

For all you visualizaton junkies, (or really just anyone who dares to make an infographic), a fantastic free e-book from Column Five Media on visual communication (applicable to designers, editors, advertisers or academics). Image is a screenshot from the book, which you can download here.

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April 18th, 2014


As Business Insider put it, “Watch America age 110 years in one gif.”

See more on the demographic transformation of The Next America here

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April 11th, 2014


How we mapped the U.S.-Mexico border fence

CIR journalists spent more than three years trying to obtain accurate, detailed mapping data showing the location of the border fence system. 

The result: We now have what is – as far as we know – the most complete and detailed map of the border fence that is publicly available.

Our Senior News Applications Developer Michael Corey explains how we did it.

April 8th, 2013
Design and typography do matter. It’s about hierarchy of information and how people perceive information. Done properly, that clean up work really matters. On the other hand, it’s easy to believe that it matters more than it does. If you make a fantastically interesting chart and some poor design decisions, the data will still come through. If you make a bad chart with a beautiful design, what have you done, really?
Amanda Cox, a graphics editor at the New York Times. Check out the full interview The Power of Visualization’s “Aha!” Moments on Harvard Business Review, which looks at the power of data visualizations, current trends and possibilities for the future. Via Flowing Data. 
December 14th, 2012


A few months ago we challenged designers to illustrate our report examining how tablet computers are changing the news business. Congratulations to our three winners, whose infographics are published on the blog.

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