September 5th, 2014
Real-time analytics have become central in the daily routines of all media sites. Editors check traffic numbers in real-time to manage the location of articles on the homepage and make headlines more appealing.
August 4th, 2014

MJ Bear Fellow Anika Anand discusses why she is interested in creating resources to help journalists grow and measure their impact. 

"I know it’s important to make those in power accountable and to shine a light in dark corners,” she says, “but once you actually do that, how do you know the difference that you’ve made if you’ve made any at all? I think this is a problem digital journalists are most suited to solve given all the tools at our disposal."

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March 20th, 2012
Many times, by keeping an eye on my analytics, I’ve beaten my competitors by hours — and even days — on stories.

Laura Amico, co-founder and editor of Homicide Watch,  has developed a new reporting method called Reporting from Analytics. In one case, she successfully used the method to discover and report on a homicide before her local police department reported on it. 

Read how (and why) you should be using this effective tool in Reporting from Analytics: How to’s and next steps.

August 22nd, 2011

New generation of Web analytics applies ‘big data’ to newsroom decisions

New data tools, perhaps best described as Web analytics on steroids and with psychic powers, are making their way into newsrooms and changing the way that editors decide what stories to promote, where, and when.

It’s part of an emerging technology trend called “big data” — a process of gathering large, comprehensive, complex datasets and using advanced computer algorithms to visualize them, extract patterns, and use them to make decisions…

The next wave of tools claim to use a crystal ball of website data and patterns to see the future. And they promise to help news publishers squeeze more money out of the content they already produce.

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