November 30th, 2012

‘What can you do for me?’: Application tips from digital journalism pros

Applying for a new job, internship, scholarship or fellowship? We’ve pulled together some great tips from digital journalism experts that will make your application more awesome.

Justin Ellis, Assistant Editor at Nieman Journalism Lab, recommends: 

Tell a compelling story. When all other factors are equal, the best case you can make for yourself is with your writing. If you want recruiters, managers, or scholarship committees to take notice, give them a memorable story that gives a sense of who you are and what you can achieve with their help. 

Check out more great advice from journalists from AP, CNN, The Daily Dot, Gannett, NPR, Politico, and USC Annenberg. 

Looking for a scholarship? We’re accepting applications now from undergraduate and graduate students for the $20,000 AP-Google Journalism and Technology Scholarship

Image by opensourceway used under Creative Commons license. 

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