November 20th, 2012

NPR News App Team released best practices as GitHub repo


NPR Apps best practices for READMEs, HTML & CSS, Javascript, GIT, and more.

Not only useful for wannabe journo-coders, but also helps you get a sense of NPR tackling traditional journalism issues like style consistency beyond the written copy in the modern technology. And props to them for making it available on GitHub.

We love that NPR has made this available on GitHub. For design tips from NPR’s Digital Media Design Director, David Wright, check out the slides and audio from his ONA12 session, Design is How It Works

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    Way to go, NPR! Bringing journalism to the new age.
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    Saw this in speech from NPR’s Wright in person last week. Stuff like this inspires you to work harder on your own site...
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    For design tips from NPR’s Digital Media Design Director, David Wright, check out the slides and audio from his ONA12...
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