October 9th, 2012


New York Times Staffers Stage Walkout Over Contract Negotiations

Huffington Post with the story.

For background, see Jim Romenesko here and here.

One of the oddities is that the Times, after working to combine its print and digital operations, is proposing separate contracts for print and digital reporters.

In a memo to colleagues, the Newspaper Guild at the New York Times writes, “Any proposal to dismantle the decade of work that has been done to unify the newsroom, securing its place as the world’s premier news organization, could be laughed off as far-fetched legal gimmickry. After all, that would be an act of self-immolation. But even if it’s not worth serious consideration, it has landed just we are heading at full speed toward a crisis over genuine issues like our pay and benefits.”

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    Yes, you are speeding toward a crisis. You all have been for a long time. Sorry for you that you’re just figuring this...
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    "We are heading at full speed toward a crisis over genuine issues."Sounds all too familiar…
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