February 28th, 2012


Protip: If you see an image that seems a touch “unbelievable,” especially if it comes from an untested source like a brand-new blog, there’s a chance it may be fake. Very fake, even. That’s the story of this receipt that seemingly mocks the 99 percent, but is actually from a blog that’s already been taken off the Internet.

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    Ladies, this guy, is a good guy right here. You should all be knocking on his door asking for a coffee.
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    agreed. However—those receipts in the pockets could easily be a result of rounding off the change then leaving cash?...
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    This^ a thousand times.
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    Not an Occupier, but this does make me want to yell f*ck the 1%…or the 99.
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    I’m not a math person so my default is “wad of money” if the service was poor the wad will be damp.
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    I hate how much shit you have to double-check on the internet. Maybe I could get a job at snopes. Either way, this shit...
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    I think if we’ve learned anything from this is that smart folks will believe things if there’s the possibility of truth...
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    My sister and I saw these two women berating and yelling at a waitress, in front of their kids (4 kids ranging from baby...
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    I’m sticking by my anger because people DO tip like this. In fact I see it all the time when people leave their receipts...
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    oh WOW even i got suckered in by this thing well shit
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    yupps. its fake.
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