February 22nd, 2012



Two journalists are among the latest casualties of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s murderous bombing of Homs: Marie Colvin, left, an American reporter working for The Sunday Times of London, and Rémi Ochlik, a French photographer.  Three other journalists were wounded when an explosion tore through a building being used as a makeshift media center in the central Syrian city.  (Photos via the Sunday Times [Colvin] and EPA; caption via the New York Times)

Between this and Anthony Shadid, it’s been a tough week for foreign journalists. In case you’re wondering about the eye patch, Colvin was kind of a die-hard as foreign correspondents go: “According to his Web site, Mr. Ochlik, in his late twenties, had covered wars and upheaval in Haiti, Congo and the Middle East. Ms. Colvin, 55, was a veteran of many conflicts from the Middle East to Chechnya and from the Balkans to Iraq and Sri Lanka, where she lost an eye covering a civil war. She wore a distinctive black eyepatch. Both had won awards for their work.”

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    She looks like such a badass in that picture.
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    And you know what? These two people, though not undeserving of it, will get more media attention than the over 7000...
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    RIP to two great citizens of the world. they died in service of humanity.
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