October 26th, 2011

Post Covers #OccupyOakland With a Picture of a Police Officer Petting A Kitten

Last night, police clashed with protesters in Oakland, using tear gas and a “sound canon” to evict protesters. 

The Lede blog (NYT), LA Times, Boing Boing and others have documented the confrontation. Photos and videos of people being teargassed are all over the web and Twitter. There are rumors that the police were using “flash-bang rounds,” rubber bullets and/or beanbag projectiles. At least 100 people were arrested, according to the LA Times

Yet the Washington City Paper points out an anomaly: the Washington Post coverage of the story. In the print edition, this photo ran with the caption, “A police officer in Oakland, Calif., pets a cat that was left behind by Wall Street protesters who were evicted from the grounds of city hall.”

To be fair, digital coverage by the Post was more in-depth. What do you think about the Post’s photo choice?

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    My educated guess: More people probably ended up reading about these particular protests because of the cat and cop...
  3. darcibastiaan said: It’s shameful. Many people still get their news in the morning not on Twitter, or Tumblr, or Boing Boing, if you will, but from newspapers like this. If they see a picture like this: brutality doesn’t register. And look at the condescending headline!
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